Bharath Cardio and Gynaec Centre features two main doctors, Dr.K. Thiyagarajan and Dr. V. Kavitha with other qualified staff.  Dr.K. Thiyagarajan has 21+ years of experience and is a renowned Cardio Therapist as well as Diabetologist.  His mission is to add more life to the hears of people. Dr.  Kavitha is a skilled Obstetrician & Gynaecologist. Together, our doctors provide world-class treatment to grown-ups of both genders. Our centre is well-equipped with cutting edge technology to provide holistic care for cardiac related complications as well as for women’s health.


Our Vision is to be a renowned centre for improving heart care and enriching the child-birth experiences of all mothers across Tamil Nadu and the rest of India.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide personal care to the problems of:

I) Heart Attacks

II) Diabetes

III) Pregnancy Stress

IV) Infertility

We have an inhouse pharmacy that immediately supplies Medicare for all prescriptions related to cardiology and gynaecology.