An Aneurysm could mean a weak area in your heart. This will stop the flow of blood and could cause bulging veins resulting in bursts. As a result, you or loved ones may feel sharp and sudden pain in the upper back that radiates downward. Other symptoms are pain in your chest, jaw, neck or arms along with difficulty in breathing. Our Aneurysm Coiling treatment induces clotting (embolization) of the aneurysm and, in this way, prevent blood from getting into it.

Bharat Clinic uses an innovative technique in which a weak area in the blood vessel of the brain is repaired by packing this outpouching with multiple medical coils. These coils help obliterate the sac completely. Our procedure is done by a small puncture in the blood vessel of the thigh without opening the brain and skull. Aneurysm Coiling can be the perfect treatment for the following,

  • Ruptured aneurysms burst open and release blood into the space between the brain and skull, called a subarachnoid haemorrhage (SAH).
  • Unruptured aneurysms may not cause symptoms and are typically detected during routine testing for another condition.