Are you expecting a child? It is a beautiful time when you start living not only for yourself but also for a miracle inside your womb. However, there is a lot more to the safety of your child than you had imagined. Don’t you wish to know what is happening to the child inside you? How is it growing? Is it safe? Ironically, having these many thoughts during pregnancy could cause unwanted stress and perhaps be harmful to your unborn child! Fortunately, prenatal screening tests performed by Bharath Cardio and Gynaec Centre (BCGC)- a professional ultrasound scanning centre in Chennai can help you.

Our prenatal screening tests can give you treasured insights about the new life during your pregnancy. We do this using ultrasound scans which emit waves to create images of internal soft tissue structures in the body. Our experts will gently use a small probe called a transducer for this, along with the placement of gel directly on the skin. The process will be continued over a period to check the foetus’ health and development, check your pregnancy, and detect many congenital anomalies. Most ultrasound examinations are done using an ultrasound device outside your body.

The highlight of our ultrasound scans is that patients aren’t exposed to ionizing radiation, making the procedure safer than diagnostic techniques such as normal X-rays and CT scans. It also costs lesser than most other imaging methods.

The types of ultrasound tests conducted at BCGC are-

· Standard Ultrasound

· Doppler Ultrasound

· 3-D Ultrasound

There are different kinds of ultrasound. Among others, it also depends on how far along you are in your pregnancy. Book a consultation now through a direct visit, phone and/or email.