Doctors at Bharat Clinic use an X-ray scanner and special dye known as contrast to determine the health of blood vessels in the brain and evaluate blood flow. We will perform a diagnostic procedure where especially detailed images of brain vessels are obtained. It is also used to confirm the presence and location of brain tumours, to evaluate the arteries of the head and neck before surgery, as well as to identify abnormalities such as cerebral aneurysms.

Advantages of this procedure include the ability to see very small arteries and veins, as well as the ability to look at blood flow through the brain in real time. Acute stroke and Cerebral Aneurysm are two among the common indications for performing a Cerebral Angiogram. X-ray checks are done for problems with blood vessels such as-

  • Bulges or weak spots in the wall called an aneurysm
  • Tangles such as AVM
  • Narrowing of blood vessels
  • Inflammation
  • Tear in wall – vascular dissection