Along with stenting, these are treatments for narrowed or blocked arteries and veins. When a person develops peripheral artery disease (PAD), the extremities — usually the legs — don’t receive enough blood flow to keep up with the body’s needs. Blood is the lifeline of any living being and our doctors will ensure it flows smoothly into the heart.

Using high-resolution fluoroscopic (X-ray) video and film equipment, a catheter is guided through to the peripheral artery that is being treated. Once the catheter is in place the balloon is inflated and the narrowed peripheral artery is stretched open. The fatty plaque or blockage is pressed against the peripheral artery walls enlarging the diameter of the peripheral artery. After the blocked area of the peripheral artery is widened the balloon is deflated and removed. Blood flowing through the peripheral artery is increased, supplying blood to the heart.

Our treatments will involve inflating a balloon in an artery or vein to dilate the respective blood vessel to allow for better blood flow. These will be “minimally invasive” because it involves only a very small incision in the groin area. Compared with surgery, it has fewer risks of complications and a shorter recovery.