We do this life saving procedure in cases of sudden heart attacks. It is used to treat blocked coronary arteries and restores immediate blood flow to the heart. Under local anaesthesia, a catheter gets inserted into the main artery through the thigh or arm. The balloon passed over the wire through the catheter then gets inflated opening the artery after which a medicated metal stent gets placed facilitating blood flow. The stent thus becomes the permanent part in the body and reduces the risk for further cardiac events.

We use this technique to treat the narrowing of coronary arteries. It will help improve blood supply to your heart muscle and can help relieve angina symptoms. The Primary Angioplasty technique we provide, eliminates the need for bypass surgery and helps patients who are not healthy enough for major surgery. Advance knowledge of a heart’s condition could mean the difference between life and death.

Our approach is minimally invasive procedure in which a pump is temporarily inserted into a patient’s heart. It is normally used to sustain the flow of blood in the sickest of patients during heart procedures to open blocked coronary arteries. Secure pumps are used in scheduled procedures and in emergency situations such as heart attack or stroke.