Oxygen and food are two crucial elements to stay alive, and both are responsible for the healthy functioning of the heart. Your daily diet and routines also affect your heart and health. Eat healthily, take part in physical activities daily and sleep well. But despite all these, you still may face heart-related problems as you grow older, along with issues arising from modern lifestyles. For example, you may feel a sudden surge of breathlessness, difficulties in breathing, and dizziness, among others. In such cases, Coronary Angiography is considered the best method to find the exact issue and get a correct diagnosis.

This procedure examines the coronary arteries of the patient’s heart. In Coronary Angiography, medical imaging such as X-Rays and fluoroscopy is used to view organs and blood vessels of a patient’s body. It helps view the veins, arteries, and heart chambers to diagnose blockages and other problems.


The normal symptoms that you must pay attention to include but are not limited to,

  • Chest pain or any kind of discomfort.
  • Unexplained pain in the chest, arm, jaw, or neck.
  • Coronary thrombosis or Blood clots
  • Defects in the heart present from birth.
  • Chest injury or other problems with blood vessels.
  • Unusual chest pain even when all the tests are normal.
  • Problem with a heart valve that requires surgery.
  • Heart failure
  • After a recent heart attack.


Catheter Coronary Angiography – A catheter is guided into a patient’s artery in the arm or groin. Later, it is injected with a contrast agent with which X-Rays of the blood vessels are taken.

Non-invasive Coronary Angiography – Imaging tests like an ultrasound or MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging), or CT (Computed Tomography) are done to take an X-Ray of the blood vessels.


Coronary Angiography is performed by an experienced cardiologist (a doctor specializing in heart conditions), and a radiographer (a professional who conducts the imaging process). The best solution will be to consult an experienced cardiologist in Chennai such as Dr. K. Thiyagarajan. He has 10+ years of experience and is also a qualified Diabetologist. Hence, Dr. K. Thiyagarajan can recommend activities if you are having high sugar when opting for a Coronary Angiography. More can be discussed over direct discussion or a personal consultation. Contact us by visiting his clinic or giving us a call whenever needed.